Cherry Loudon – Buying and Selling Domain Names

[HOT] Cherry Loudon – Buying and Selling Domain Names


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Looking for a new way to earn money? Need a way to add additional income to your monthly, or annual earnings?

It’s 2020, people are making money online daily!.

One of the easiest ways people have increased income is from buying and selling domains.

Buying a website domain then selling it for a profit – is not new. People have been doing this as early as the internet has been around.

With domain hosting sites like GoDaddy, buying and selling domains is easier than ever.

I want to help YOU get started!

I wrote this eBook to guide people through this process. I want to gift you your time by explaining everything I learned through trial and error to become proficient in this field.

Table of Contents

I cover each of the following topics

💎 Introduction to Domain Selling
💎 Choosing Winning Domains
💎 The Value in Aged Domains
💎 Domain Parking 101
💎 Dropped Domains Dissected
💎 Back-ordering Domain Names
💎 Selling your Domain Names
💎 Domain Tasting Revealed
💎 Conclusion: Final Words
💎 Tools & Resources

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