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This video series, created by Evil Dave and based on the lessons he teaches his students, focuses on conscious understanding.

Video 1: The Unfair Advantage

  • The simple way to multiply the value of everything you learn from Mystery.
  • Do this and your woman will not want to be with another man.
  • The elaboration technique
  • The reason that you want to be lightning fast with your decisions around women.
  • Mind reading crash course.
  • The simple lesson you can learn from a $10 book that often turns the tide in a relationship.
  • Never ask her this.
  • Cracking the “behaviorist code”
  • The smart, yet counterintuitive, way to get rid of bad habits in a relationship.

Video 2: Getting what you want.

  • Ending the relationship tug-of-war before it starts.
  • Your only power in your relationship is your ability to do this and not from psychological tricks or tactics.
  • The first thing you need to know if you want to get what you want
  • A crash course in this shockingly effective ‘Mind Reading’ technique.
  • Sexual attraction isn’t a choice, learn how Evil Dave’s most successful line is: “In bed, clothes off.”
  • Reverse engineering your woman’s motives.
  • The fundamental difference between men and women when it comes to goal-setting.
  • What most women are really doing when they are shopping.
  • The sneeky way of telling if a woman is feeling off, before she rejects your advances.
  • Being a relationship detective has lots of benefits and no down side.
  • How to use emotional ju-jitzu to make awkward moments go in your favor.
  • Dealing with an emotional blow-up.
  • An experiment you can perform to help you zero in on your strengths and build on them.

Video 3: Mind reading.

  • A basic approach to relationships that creates a sexual “safe zone” around your relationship
  • “Miracle” formula for a terrific relationship.
  • A crash course in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP
  • A simple map of the way your woman’s mind works.
  • Warning: Never, ever allow sex to have any negative associations.
  • How to get a girl back.
  • The “us vs them” formula for persuasion.
  • The golden rule of three.
  • The biggest mistake you can possibly make in your relationship, and how to easily sidestep it.
  • The way to turn major relationship disasters into minor bumps in the road that your woman will mentally delete.
  • This is like rocket fuel for persuasion.

Video 4: Future Pacing .

  • Use these three phrases to insulate yourself from rejection
  • Nearly every girl has some unrealistic expectations that can reduce the overall value of your relationship.
  • How to get what you want without being needy.
  • Here’s how and why we avoid drama.
  • What to do about things you don’t like (from her or from you.)

Video 5: The Philosophy Method.

  • Two important conclusions that nearly everybody gets wrong
  • How to set yourself utterly apart, and above other men, in your woman’s eyes.
  • Why respect is key to trust, and how to truly respect yourself, your woman, and everybody else.
  • This is a routine that I use with every single girl whom I’m even somewhat interested in, and it always hits.
  • Why it’s critical to distinguish between moral judgments and other judgments

Video 6: The core of the Philosophy Method.

  • There are two core mistakes that almost everybody has in their minds.
  • Self test
  • I used to follow the phrase, “I stand up for what I believe in.” but now I do this instead, and my life is so much better.

Video 7: How to know what’s true.

  • The halo effect that allows us to do one thing, and one thing only, and continue to gain value.
  • Two important concepts to master
  • The seems versus is lesson.

Video 8: Mismatching.

  • The proper technique for backing our way into understanding.
  • Mismatching.
  • What you need to do to know if something is true, or to identify and reject what’s false.
  • Equivocation – the silent killer of good thinking, and consistency in relationships.

Video 9: Justice, Fairness and Equality

  • Why you should not always obey the law.
  • Why going to an extremes is good.
  • What are moral rights, and how do we respect them?
  • Abundance and repentance.


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